Design and Supervision of Drilling Programs / Core Logging
    Supervision and Management of Ground/Airborne Geophysical surveys
    Geophysical Surveys
    Project management / site management
    Outline and Execution of Geochemical Surveys
Conventional prospecting is an integral part of our mineral exploration programs. We trust in combining less-accurate geochemical field analyses techniques with ordinary laboratories solutions as a direct focusing tool. During exploration in inaccessible remote terrains, ordinary laboratories solutions with long turn-around time tend to stall project development.

Our geologists have experience in detailed grid and regional reconnaissance mapping and interpretation on all scales. 
21st NORTH undertakes all scales of basal till, soil, stream, sediment, outcrop, litho-geochemical, channel, trenching and bulk sampling programs. Materials are analysed under 21st NORTH’s direction at accredited commercial laboratories by utilizing the most appropriate analytical technique.
21st NORTH employs ground geophysical surveys, including magnetic and electromagnetic, to aid in mapping subsurface geology. The company is closely associates with highly competent independent consulting geophysicists and offers advanced interpretation and specialized computer data treatment.
Ultimately we can also commission and supervise subcontracts geophysical surveys.
    Grass-Root Prospecting and Mapping
 Contract Exploration
      Optimised Mineral Exploration
The staff at 21st NORTH has managed all aspects of core diamond drilling programs from the negotiation of contracts through drilling supervision, to presentation of assay results and lithological logs and 3D modeling.