21st NORTH provides a variety of logistical services related to activities around mineral exploration and scientific expeditions.
Fostering contact with authorities in order to acquire any necessary licenses or permits i.e. prospecting, exploration, core drilling, large scale bulk sampling, blasting, radio/communications etc.

Preparation of equipment and packing inventory. Advising on and purchasing of equipment designed for Arctic operations.

Planning and executing of mobilisation for crew and equipment by helicopter, airplane, ship, barge or landing craft.

Knowledge on safe and environmental viable mobilizations and storage of equipment in the terrain including fuel and explosives.

Constructing and management of exploration flight and base camps, including establishing arrangements for catering.

Preparation and implementation of emergency procedures. Provide adequate and appropriate safeguards for employees and the environment.

Acquiring legal representation, renting business offices and residences. Establishing bank accounts, acquiring vehicles and other necessary exploration equipment as well as interfacing with local governments.

Arranging adequate skilled support personnel, equipment and facilities to ensure safe and efficient operations.
The aspect of operations that deal with the procurement, distribution, maintenance, and replacement of material and personnel







 Logistical Services
      Optimised Mineral Exploration