Welcome to 21st NORTH
      Optimised Mineral Exploration
Knowing how to reduce your risk and increase your organisation's profitability is a great challenge facing the exploration and mining industry when operating in unfamiliar territories.

21st NORTH is an independent Danish Mineral Exploration company focussed on developing mineral assets in Greenland and Scandinavia. The company is managed by a highly experienced team with more than 3 decades of in-house experience with mineral exploration and logistical planning in Greenland and Scandinavia.

21st NORTH also provides a range of consulting services for the mineral industry acting as operators on a number of projects. We strive at delivering and executing high-quality, innovative and cost effective solutions.
Intelligent and cost-effective solutions based on a comprehensive network of alliance partners with complementary skills and a strong liaison with mineral authorities
Discovering and advancing mineral properties in underexplored regions of the world where only limited exploration has taken place
Experts on mineral exploration and geological consulting in remote inaccessible regions of Greenland and Scandinavia
Specialities in Greenland